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about bedd

BEDD is a local NGO for biodiversity conservation and sustainable use of Natural resources.

Her mission is to contribute to the preservation of biodiversity, environmental protection and the improvement of the living conditions of populations through integrated management and sustainable use of natural resources and the environment.

  • develop and implement biodiversity conservation and sustainable environmental management projects;
  • contribute to the fight against global warming and deforestation;
  • promote environmental education and forest certification;
  • contribute to strengthening the capacity of stakeholders on the use of tools for conservation and sustainable management of natural resources;
  • support environmental impact studies and the harmonization of legal provisions (law and regulations) that govern environmental management;

our main domains

Renewable energies

Environmental education and communication

Awareness activities and capacity building of stakeholders

forestry, agroforestry and natural resources

Climate change, fight against desertification and REDD+

social sciences

bedd's approach

The group working and exchange of experiences is the essence of BEDD’s approach. It is an integrated and systemic approach which consists in stimulating collaboration and the participation of actors around common concerns, in solidarity, for sustainable common development.


Founder and Chief Executif Officer
(Dr. Serge Alexis Kamgang)

IT and Remote Sensing Manager
(MSc. Donald Djossi)
Research and Internship Officer
(MSc. Liliane LĂ©onie Nadia Nhiomog)
Overseas 3
(MSc. Iris Kirsten)

Vice President
(Mr. Bernard Ananfack)

Administrative and Finance Officer
(Mrs. Nina Alix B. Ngougni Kenfack)

Chief projects advisor and funding
(Prof. Hans Bauer)

Overseas 2
(MSc. Carme_Tuneu Corral)

(Dr. Samuel Christian Tsakem)

Policy and Partnership Officer
(Dr. Victor Kemeuze)

Overseas 1
(Dr. Julia Baum)

our partners